Through proximate service-learning experiences and a rigorous academic curriculum, we cultivate our students’ commitment to stay engaged and dedicated to Sussex County.

Activating young student leaders

The founders of the Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence (BASSE) understand the growing population needs in our community and see our school as a capacity builder for Sussex County. Most importantly, we know community building requires an investment in people first. We see our role as educating and activating youth as advocates for change.

We seek to:

  • Increase the capacity of collective impact through community partnerships
  • Accelerate the education ecosystem through academic innovation
  • Provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge and skills beyond the classroom

Creating stronger communities in Delaware

BASSE is building a pathway for leadership within Sussex County that starts with students. We recognize the cyclical nature of this work requires a community of advocates deeply invested in their community. The role of BASSE is to prepare, educate, motivate, and inspire such advocates. Our goal is to be one of the most innovative schools in Delaware and serve as a model throughout the country.

We seek to:

  • Foster a stronger, healthier community through access to high-quality education 
  • Build access for students through community and business networks
  • Create and nurture a long-term leadership pipeline