We are committed to fostering an inclusive learning community that embraces the uniqueness of all our community members and their histories.

Developing leaders who value inclusiveness

The Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence (BASSE) strives to develop students who accept the world in all its complexity and seek to create fairness and equality as they grow in their capacity to lead. 

We provide our students with culturally competent educators, a variety of service-learning experiences, and diverse classrooms where students feel connected and valued for who they are as individuals. 

Building communities where everyone is accepted

We want to cultivate the seeds of our core values (equity, excellence, hope, voice, community) in our students as well as our board members, faculty, staff, community partners, and families. There is so much potential growth in fully involving our students and all they bring with them in their education. 

BASSE intends to be a community where everyone is welcome and given the opportunity to learn and grow with one another. Each member is responsible for creating a space where everyone is valued and accepted. Within this space, our students can see the exponential potential of our Sussex County community.