Each student has a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) to help teachers understand their students and ensure their academic and social-emotional success.

What is a Personalized Learning Plan?

The Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) is a living document that serves as a roadmap for each student’s educational experience and an advocacy tool for families. The PLP includes six sections.

  • Student Information
  • Student Profile
  • Student Goals
  • Academic Plan
  • Transition
  • Reflections

A PLP allows students to reflect on their learning and shape their future. It also enables the adults in their life to understand their unique needs and goals. View a personalized learning plan example.

Developing the Personalized Learning Plan

First-year students will build their PLPs at the start of each school year in collaboration with their parents/caregivers, Advisory Teacher, and College and Career Readiness Counselor. BASSE reserves the first weeks of the school year to build relationships with students and families. This process helps us develop an academic, behavioral, and social-emotional profile for each student, which becomes part of the PLP.  We review and discuss the plan throughout the school year at various conferences, at the end of semesters, and during grading periods.

Inclusive Learning Community

BASSE designs PLPs to help every learner regardless of disability classification. Each student will have a learning environment that reflects their learning style, academic strengths, and potential for improvement. We ensure that PLPs include information from regulated academic planning documents such as IEPs and 504s. This proactive approach creates a higher success rate as they progress through each grade level.