Banner in front of Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence that says Opening in September 2023

The Bryan Allen Stevenson School of Excellence (BASSE) is excited to increase enrollment for the new charter school over the next two months. BASSE is a Georgetown-based free, public charter school focused on service-learning opening in the old Howard T. Ennis Building this fall.

 “We are grateful to the parents and students joining us in pursuing our vision to provide another learner-centered education option for the students of Sussex County,” said BASSE’s Founding School Leader, Chantalle Ashford. “Our students are essential to our success, and we look forward to creating a personalized and unique educational experience for them.”

BASSE is building a pathway for leadership within Sussex County that starts with students. Through proximate service-learning experiences and a personalized and rigorous academic curriculum, they seek to cultivate students’ commitment to stay engaged and dedicated to Sussex County. During the first year, students will make key decisions, ranging from the school’s mascot to co-designing the various service projects they will take on.

To date, the first quarter of 2023-2024 student body has signed up to attend BASSE in the fall. “Our students are our future,” Ms. Ashford continued, “Our goal is to provide them with the skills, resources, and opportunities to grow as learners and leaders that will make a positive impact across our county, state, and beyond.”

BASSE is continuing to grow its numbers through media appearances, social media, and attending community events. Know a community whose students would benefit from learning about BASSE? Email our academic head of school, Chantalle Ashford ([email protected]).